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Last Friday, we hosted our inaugural NWC Townhall meeting. No pitch deck, just the single slide below to inspire a conversation.


We had broad representation from public, private and third sectors - education, employment, place making, impact investment and others.


Everyone connected to 'the void' that is so commonly felt as we leave school and embark on the squiggly journey towards the place we find ourselves today.


Our trump card was Lili - a former student who recently left university in her first term, because the 3-year pursuit of an expensive award made little sense to her. She is now interning for a start-up wellbeing platform, and may well continue her education as a side hustle.


Lili spoke about the profound impact of our one-day taster course on her sense of self and newfound confidence in the choices she is now making about her journey ahead.


It landed quite a punch.


We have pencilled a second Townhall for Friday March 22nd from 9am. And such is the interest in our model, we plan to host a similar Townhall in the north in the coming months.


Please join us next time. Feel free to bring some of your network into the movement. 

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