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A manifesto for
lifelong learning
AS a Driver of social inclusion, mobility and

for all

We are in an age of atrophy.

Young people are lost.

They face obstacles. Not opportunity.

Educators are stuck.

They face threats. Not progress.

Employers are frustrated.

They face apathy. Not agency.


Communities are broken.

They face dereliction. Not prosperity.


The cure lies within us.

To venture our self.

In learning.

In working.

In belonging.


This is the starting point of NWC:

The Lifelong Learning Pathway.

Life learning

hand-in-hand with study and work

within vacant high street premises.


Aligning the needs

of people, business, and community.

We will inspire and empower

generations to grow.

We are New Working Class.


I am James Scroggs

founder & ceo


I wear MANY hats.



At the dawn of the social web in 2003, I was marketing director of global youth brand, MTV. Pandora's box opened.

Whilst I have since ventured in technology, music and fashion, I have also committed 20 years to youth services, mental health and suicide prevention.

Today, the lack of learning provision for Life Skills continues to create a silent scream. It is time to act.

hats on

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I am Christy Traore.


I RIDE HORSES and love dogs.


I have spent 20 years in education passionate about widening participation.  I am committed to finding good reasons for people to stay in education, keep learning, realise their talents, and improve their lives.

saddle up

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Learn, work, and belong

NWC's mission is to create
a hop-on hop-ofF, FLEXIBLE
lifelong learning Pathway

running alongside and integrated
into study and work

OFFERING UNIQUE personal and professional development for life and all jobs

Traditional education
doesn't serve employment

The traditional linear education route does not work for everyone.


And it does not align with the increasingly dynamic requirements of employers who seek a more rounded, experienced, agile workforce.  

NWC is at the forefront of redefining the transition between education and employment - to ensure supply fits demand.


We offer a single learning pathway to run alongside and integrated within study and work, to facilitate learning commensurate with where you are in life.  To empower and equip you with the tools to choose to progress.

Bridging the gap between academic life and careers, we help individuals to unearth their inherent potential, develop robust character traits, and navigate their way through a satisfying career.

We are committed to nurturing a journey of personal growth, instilling resilience, flexibility, and an enduring passion for learning through our life's work. 

employability is not about
what we are taught,
but how we learn

traditional Education favours the teaching and recall of knowledge


We no longer live in the knowledge economy.

Teaching is not enough.

We need to foster open learning ready for the curiosity economy. 


The mainstream is increasingly questioning the value of further and higher education - amassing student debt - when it does not equip someone for life, work, or guarantee better employment prospects.  

People are looking for something else.  A path that aligns with their career aspirations.  No longer setting up gates, obstacles or a destination view of success, which they fear they might never achieve or find is a dead-end.  They want progress in life, step by step.

They want to learn.

fear of college debt
Skills more important than a degree
Job training advances careers

Contemporary Employment requires critical thinking on experience

We live in the experience economy.

So while training can build skills in the workplace, learning unlocks real growth - learning from experience.

The mainstream increasingly requires a depth of life experience, confidence and skills in thinking and doing. 


AI is only accelerating the need for greater EQ over IQ.  Anyone can be taught new knowledge, but we don't always have a willingness to learn.

A future-proof workforce would be re-oriented around self-knowledge, skilled through practical experience, have co-operative purpose, focus and personal agency.  But also keep learning inside and outside of the workplace as they progress in their career. 

recruitment processes not fit for purpose
Employers struggle to close the skills gap
Employers struggle to retain staff

continual 360ª growth

Learn, work, belong is our promise to participants in NWC.  


We will cultivate confidence and skills, offer real-world practical experience, and foster a sense of purpose-led community, to better prepare them to thrive in the ever-evolving job market, their career, and life around it.


In many respects, as a foundational course, NWC short circuits the privileged tradition of a ‘Gap Year’, in which education leavers ‘find themselves’, grow in worldliness, experience work for the first time, and build the capabilities, credentials and impetus for ongoing progression, either in their studies or fledgling careers. 

Once oriented, our learner-workers can follow our flexible learning pathway to match their career aspirations as they progress in life and work.

Our methodology places participants into a continual cycle of personal growth and professional progression - from education, into employment, through community, into the wider economy. 


We will help individuals to better understand, master and connect with their growing 360˚ identity as a learner, worker, citizen, and leader in society.


| Elevated learning


We offer a dynamic, immersive in-situ and blended experience, delivered through interactive and cooperative, applied learning modules.  Personalised learning pathways enable individuals to acquire the 360˚ of experience and skills they need to thrive in life and the workplace of today and tomorrow.


| Integrated working


Learning goes hand-in-hand with real-world work experience.  Participants have the opportunity to apply their learning within study and work environments - exploring front, middle and back office roles.  They will collaborate on study or business projects, and gain hands-on experience, under the guidance of practitioners and professionals, such that their learning progression is directly applicable to the demands of the job market.


| ACTIVE Belonging


We will catalyse a supportive, connected community in which individuals feel a deep sense of belonging, through peer-to-peer co-design, co-operation, and networking.  Active participation in mentoring programs, and inclusive events, means participants connect with like-minded individuals, build valuable relationships, and finds safety in a supportive network that nurtures their personal and professional growth.


| Career Navigation


We will provide adaptive triage, guidance and support for deeper 360 navigation, with coaching, access to industry insights, and assistance in identifying multiple pathways and opportunities.  Through a seamless transition from academic life into the workforce, we can build the credentials of Generation 360˚ as the leaders of tomorrow.

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