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The prospect of meaningful work experience for teens is finally on the public agenda, emboldened by former education secretaries Baroness Morgan (Chair of The Careers & Enterprise Company) and Lord Blunkett.

Carving out the space in school time will inevitably be hard, given academic pressures and limited resources.

…But the opportunity to bridge education into employment at a young age is immediate and compelling if:

1. The education sector seeks stronger graduate outcomes so will raise the portcullis

2. Employers are ready to invest in helping the next generation flourish, and accelerate their time to value as recruits when they join the job market.

In a week of stories about ghosting and quiet quitting for our young workforce, I feel a constellation of empowering strategies and intersectional energies emerging in this game of intergenerational Risk.

‘Diplomacy, conflict, or conquest’ - it is time to mobilise.

Pulling strings to get me in to the House of Lords on Tuesday for some grip and grin.

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