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developING life skills alongside study and work

Our vision

Lifelong learning
for a new enterprise workplace

Reconnecting with and surfacing latent talent, our cornerstone programme develops an individual's entrepreneurial thinking and behaviours; not specifically with entrepreneurship as an end in its own right, but to help them accelerate into and along different career pathways, whilst in parallel building greater resilience and resourcefulness for life.

We see talent like a business. 



your self


Re-orienting you to back yourself, discover your talents, develop skills and find your tribe, to determine the pathway forward in learning, working, and belonging, with an entrepreneurial mindset.


Own your story | think about your thinking | creativity & innovation | intentional & reflective practices | measuring progress | co-operation



your ideas


Understanding the entrepreneurial mindset, process, and the skills required to cultivate a successful job role and career - mirroring how to develop an idea or a new proposition within a business.

Market analysis | ideation | business modelling | product development | product-market-fit | operating models | organisational design | data analysis



your work

Incubating and accelerating you, your ideas, or propositions at work germinating them to establish your unique role in driving value for your business.

Strategic decision-making | resource management | go to market planning | pricing | sales & marketing | reporting & metrics | scaling a business. 



Connecting learning, working and belonging, on individual, team and community outcomes:

| Job eligibility


Qualifications and experience, which demonstrate self-knowledge, capability and competence. 

| Foundational learning


An integrated foundation of all learning for work, and life more broadly, upon which to then acquire industry-specific working knowledge and skills.


| Professional credibility


The combination of qualifications and workplace experience, which signal to employers and colleagues that the individual has acquired a certain level of expertise and has met specific standards in their field, but also real world application of skills; enhancing the individual’s sense of credibility, belonging and recognition within their professional community.


| Career advancement 


Higher-level qualifications are often required to progress to more senior or specialised roles - advanced degrees or specialist certification.  They demonstrate a commitment to continuous learning and professional growth, and will open doors to new workplace opportunities and career pathways.




Adopting a holistic, 360º approach to life, in combining practical experience, soft skills, adaptability, and a willingness to learn; fostering a sense of belonging, facilitating personal and professional growth - from which choice and control deliver engagement, meaning, fulfilment and progression.



Connecting learning, working and belonging, on employee, team and organisational outcomes:

| Job satisfaction 


Motivated by the integration of learning opportunities within work tasks, we foster a supportive work environment, with opportunities for progression, growth and development.

| Performance


Acquiring and applying new skills and knowledge effectively, enhancing job performance and organisational success.  Reducing the time to value of investing in new workers who can deliver a net contribution to their business.


| Wellbeing & retention


Building a sense of belonging within the workplace, with opportunities for continuous learning, development and leadership.


| Culture and innovation

Continual learning and support for employee development; fostering an inclusive work environment in a culture that encourages knowledge sharing, collaboration, shared purpose, and creativity - leading to increased innovation, adaptability and resilience.

| Diversity and inclusion


A sense of community and active participation, regardless of background or identity; encouraging employees to contribute their unique perspectives, ideas, and experiences, to bring a diversity of thought that values and leverages difference yet enshrines the need for social mobility and cohesion.

LEARNING outcomes

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